Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cambridge's best bargain lunch

As local twitterers may have noticed I am a bit of a fan of The Punter on Pound Hill. I always recommend it to those after somewhere independent in Cambridge. The mix of relaxed decor, fairy lights (they always get my vote) and a seasonal menu make it a great local spot in my opinion. Plus it never fails to have at least six mains on the menu that I struggle to decide between. 

How does a girl choose between local asparagus, pea and mint risotto with glazed goat's cheese and seam bream fillet with Jersey royals, beetroot and samphire? As an ex-fussy eater I know how hard done by you feel when only one thing on a menu appeals, and so to go somewhere where I immediately want to order everything is rather nice. In an ideal world I would take four or five friends with me every time I go just so I can try a bit of each dish (obviously they would have to agree to let me dictate exactly what they order which might prove tricky, even for someone as bossy as me). 

The Punter's daily menu
Fantastic menu and vintage chic d├ęcor aside what I really want to rave about is their £5 lunch menu. Every day the pub has three lunch options, often slightly adapted from their full menu (which you can choose from as well of course). Perhaps I am easily pleased but to my mind £5 for a hot, seasonal, proper plate of food for lunch is a bargain. Especially when you consider that there are plenty of places around charging £10 for fish and chips or a burger for lunch.

Local asparagus with Parma ham and truffle dressing 
I went along today to meet some friends. There was mini fish pie and chips, a mushroom and blue cheese quiche and a cassoulet on offer for the £5 lunch deal. Now after all my gushing above I have to admit that I got a bit distracted and went for asparagus with Parma ham and a truffle dressing, which was not part of the lunch deal but still very good at £6.50. My friend had the fish pie and very nice it looked too.

Mini fish pie and chips

So I suppose what I am trying to say here is, if you fancy a nice bite to eat with friends in your lunch hour then try The Punter’s £5 lunch – it changes everyday but if you call mid-morning then they can let you know that day’s choices.

The best part Seasonal food, relaxed atmosphere and that £5 deal.

Something to work on Letting people know just how great they are – or perhaps I can do a bit of that for them?

The Punter, 3 Pound Hill CB3 0AE. 01223 363322;

Small disclaimer – I just wanted to point out for the more cynical amongst you that I have no connection with the pub whatsoever. This review is completely independent.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A day by the pool

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked by the quite lovely Kate Fletcher to assist her at a styling shoot for Macarons and more.   
We had the perfect day on location at the poolhouse at Maison Talbooth – and the most wonderful cakes, macarons, brownies and marshmallows from Dr Tim Kinnard, the proprietor of Macarons and more and finalist on last year’s Masterchef. The photographer was Charlotte Griffiths – her images are quite stunning and I hope to be able to include more soon enough, but for now here are the ones taken by me on my trusty iphone to give you a little taster. Full image blog to come.

Styling – Kate Fletcher from Vintage Style Hire (with a little help from me!)
Sweet treats – Dr Tim Kinnard from Macarons and more
Photography (the proper ones, not my amateur offerings above) Charlotte Griffiths