About me

I am passionate about local food, local producers and independent restaurants in Cambridge. I am hoping to use this blog as an excuse to visit them all in turn and let people know about the hidden gems in our city. I am an ex-Waitrose Food Illustrated and Cambridge Agenda journalist who now writes freelance for Cambridge Edition Magazine and is one of the organisers of Eat Cambridge. When I am not being a mum, writing, working or walking the dog, I like to bake and so I will also post the odd recipe as inspiration. Just as an aside, and in case you are of a similar mind, I solemnly swear never to subject you to phrases such as OMG, LOL, nom nom or moist [please note, this list is subject to expansion].

Five interesting (ish) facts about me:
My green wedding shoes

One. I have never tried a Scotch egg or a custard tart. Nor do I particularly plan to. Perhaps even more controversially, I don't think bacon ever tastes as good as it smells.

Two. I could beat the boys at eighteen holes of golf when I was 10. Not anymore.

Three. Green is my favourite colour, I even had green wedding shoes

Four. I can barely stand to look at the Clinton Card’s grey teddy bears (barely, geddit?). I despise them. I feel similarly about text speak and the words nom, tasty, moist and delicious. And don’t even get me started on air fresheners.

Five. I dream of owning my own café one day but I think it would be a lot harder work than I imagine.

Contact me
You can get in touch by emailing me or through Twitter @SianMT