Monday, 21 March 2011

High time for tea

A review of By Jove! tearooms, Burwell

By Jove's tea mantra
‘Oh look, a village fete, let’s stop on our way back,’ said my mum as we drove through Burwell on our visit to By Jove! tearooms. After a bit more exploring and a slight panic that we couldn’t find it – it dawned on us that the ‘village fete’ was in fact the tearooms we were after. That’s how quaint and village-hall like By Jove! is – it has union jack bunting flying outside and on our visit people were sat outside basking in the afternoon sun.
In my book there really is nothing better than a proper afternoon tea, served on a tiered cake stand. And By Jove’s is certainly a winner. There's something about sitting in a quaint tearooms, sipping tea and eating cake with a dainty fork that somehow makes you feel like 19th century royalty. You suddenly feel like a lady, and start to observe the proper etiquette - or at least try to.
A dainty afternoon tea
Afternoon tea at By Jove! is served the old fashioned way – with a strainer and covered with a knitted tea cosy. The delicate finger sandwiches were soft and dainty, with the cucumber a firm favourite on our table. The scones for the cream tea were a long way from the soggy, mass produced ones you sometimes have to endure in some other so-called tearooms, these had a lovely crunch to them and had been baked freshly that morning. Being a bit greedy I would have liked a bit more clotted cream with mine, however I haven’t really got a leg to stand on when it comes to portions – after two afternoon teas shared between three people we were left with two scones and a huge chunk of cake to take home in a goody bag. Plus all this was £12 per person and that includes six to eight sandwiches, two scones and a huge slice of cake, plsu a pot of tea. Service was polite, if not overly friendly, and all the waitresses wore the traditional uniform, pinny and hat.

Jam first, cream on top - agreed?
And the cake, oh the cake. I don’t think I have ever seen a larger, more tempting Victoria Sponge before. If it had been a village fete then By Jove’s sponge would definitely have won best in show. It is a beast of a cake – there must be a whole jar of jam and a vat full of butter icing inside each one, and it oozes out from every angle. How anyone goes there without having a piece is beyond me.

THAT cake!

With the spring sun well on its way there is no better place for an afternoon tea. Get a spot outside and order the Viccy Sponge whatever you do.

The best part Do I need to say it again? That Victoria sponge, it's the most handsome, tasty cake I've seen and sampled in a long time.
Something to work on Smiles. When going for an afternoon tea you want to feel light and fluffy and I think the staff make the atmosphere. To that end a little more cheer would have been nice.

By Jove! Tearooms, The Old School, 30a High Street, Burwell CB25 0HD. 01638 602086,

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  1. I LOVE By Jove for a spot of Afternoon tea! Their own Tea is delicious for a strong pot with a warm scone... I am going in a couple of weeks for my Birthday and taking 16 people with me haha! And yes, Cream on top!...Good girly! hehe xx