Monday, 18 July 2011

Review: Nanna Mexico

Of all the food cravings I have, the one for spicy, fill-your-mouth-full-of-flavour is the strongest. Sometimes only a steak will do, sometimes I just need the delicate, freshness of fish, but when I need some spice I just have to have a hearty, mouth-tingling Mexican.

Luckily for my cravings, Cambridge has its very own spicy gem. In my book Nanna Mexico on Regent Street is Mexican street food at its best. I love the way it has such an easy-going vibe - you could be en route to a big night out, popping in for a lunchtime bite or grabbing a burrito before going to the Arts Picturehouse. I have been on all these occasions and I have had a great experience everytime.

My most recent visit was the best so far. Unsurprisingly this is linked to the fact that I finally tried their frozen margarita. And it was a tangy, limey, tequilla-fueled treat which hit the stress spot within two sips. They had another new drink on the menu since I'd been last - an aqua de horchata, a cold rice milk with vanilla and cinnamon that is perfect for taking away the heat of their spicier options.

My tinga quesadilla
We tucked in to a tinga quesadilla and a cubana torta on this occasion, as recommended by the charming restaurant manager, Mane. I usually go for the chicken but I have now recognised the error of my ways and it's tinga for me from now on. The winning filling is a spicy mix of chicken and chorizo marinaded in a chilli chipotle - it packs a spice punch and along with the stringy cheese, a fresh guacamole and a smidge of sour cream it would quench my Mexican craving every time. My burger-loving other half went for a torta - a Mexican take on the meat in a bun, with ham, pork, chicken and pineapple. It was his kind of meaty feast. Unusually I was allowed to try some too and for me the pineapple was the clincher - just like the Hawaiian pizza it cut through the salt of the meat and made the Mexican burger a must-try.

Pete's cubana torta

Nanna Mexico is one of those Cambridge gems - we are lucky to have them. It's tasty food, it gets your juices going and it fills you up and leaves you satisfied. Plus if you're really lucky you might catch a glimpse of Mane's dancing! And unless it's lunchtime, or perhaps even because it's lunchtime, always have the frozen margarita.

The best bit: The fact that all of this came in at well under £20. And if that wasn't good enough they also do Twitter Tuesday offers (they are on Facebook too but the alliteration isn't quite there) - just follow @NannaMexico. Plus they offer a great BOGOF offer on their best seller, the Big Ass burrito - just join their mailing list for the offer.

Something to work on: I wasn't a huge fan of the stainless steel plates, something more rustic might be nice. 

Nanna Mexico, 33a Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1AB. 01223 363439,

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